Fotoworkshops is aligned with affiliate brands that we believe help the photographic industry grow and above all provide photographers with the tools to produce better images. Below are some recommended brands that we partner with.

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Fulifilm X


FUJIFILM Australia is a leading force in the distribution of imaging equipment and services to the photographic, medical and graphic systems markets.

FUJIFILM constantly strives to develop superior technologies and to continue to cultivate an imaging and information culture. As a global company, we aim to make innovative use of the most advanced technologies to provide the imaging and information solutions that will best meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our clients.

Fotospeed logo


Inspired by image makers around the world, Fotospeed began life manufacturing quality darkroom chemistry and specialist fine art printmaking processes.

With 35 years of technical experience and as the world of traditional darkroom made way for the digital revolution, Fotospeed utilised its wealth of expertise and understanding of image making to engineer and develop a comprehensive range of exceptional digital inkjet papers, inks and accessories.

With a respected reputation for quality and service, Fotospeed is now an established distribution company for worldwide market leading brands such as Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers, Kaiser Photographic equipment, Herma Adhesives and Canson Infinity Papers.


f-stop gear

Every day we reach into our bags and packs to grab something we need. We adjust the straps, clip or unclip accessories, maybe snap one of the pouches closed. We’ve been doing this exact thing for thousands of years. And while this repetition of behaviour might seem trivial, think about what a marvel of invention each one of those small devices, from hooks and loops to snaps to buckles, really is. These relatively simple designs continue to be used in everyday life, all around the world. In this episode of the gear corner, we look at the different kinds of hardware we use on our bags, and what the future of hardware and fasteners might look like.


Really Right Stuff

What started in 1990 as a personal challenge to create a better quick-release plate has grown into a mission to deliver superior camera support systems from the ground up. To date we’ve shipped to over 120 countries around the world, and we continue to grow every year. Our product line has expanded from a handful of custom camera body plates to an extensive line of support products including hundreds of custom plates, clamps, flash brackets, pano gear, studio gear, ballheads, gimbal heads, tripods, and now fluid heads.


Created For Life

Created For Life’s digital colour lab, pushes the quality of fine art printing to bold new levels. Created For Life was established specifically for the discerning artists who demand the utmost in excellence and archival permanence in their prints. Our professional, highly skilled staff, with their understanding of colour deeply rooted in their traditional craft, utilises state of the art equipment to provide you with the highest levels of expertise available in colour printing anywhere.


Aperture Australia Photography Conference

If you’re an amateur or professional photographer, Aperture Australia is THE annual conference to attend if you’re committed to sharpening your craft and connections. Even if you’re not a photographer, the powerful images and presentations from Australia’s best are sure to blow you away.

Held over one intensive weekend in the heart of Sydney, those on the guest list can access firsthand advice from influential and award-winning Australian and International photographers who have made waves with their work internationally. As pioneers in their respective fields, Aperture’s featured photographers will showcase the raw stories behind their most iconic shots to inspire your own approach to the profession. A thought-provoking and creative gathering, this is for photographers
both amateur or professional, and anyone interested in photography.


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