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Extreme Sports
Hawaii Photo Tour 2020

Join Tony ‘Harro’ Harrington on this adrenaline pumping photo tour to Hawaii. Capture professional surfers charging some of the most iconic breaks in the world, volcanoes, stunning lush landscapes and traditional Hawaiian culture. This tour in an exclusive trip limited to 4 attendees only.

Tour Overview

The North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii lays claim to the greatest surfing action. The golden 7 mile stretch of coastline hosts some of the largest, most dangerous and awe-inspiring surf breaks in the world. This is your opportunity to photograph the surfers who dare to take on the most powerful waves on the planet.

In surfing, timing is everything. Wind, tide, swell direction all need to take into careful consideration when it comes to being somewhere at the right time. This is where our expertise comes into play. There are excellent chances of scoring triple overhead barrel rides of the world’s greatest surfers at Pipeline, the potential for 5 story free-fall drops of Waimea, futuristic aerial performances at Rocky Point or heart in the mouth of heavy water surfing at Sunset Beach. You’ll be front and centre of capturing the action of the world’s greatest surfers. The likes of John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Jamie Obrien, Mason Ho and other legends all gather here to push the limits of what’s possible in the realm of pushing surfing’s limit.

Outside of shooting the surfing, you’ll also be cast into the action and adventure. Shooting from a helicopter, swimming and photographing turtles and sharks and even your own surfing is all part of the weeklong adventure.

Our small group of just photographers will be led by World Champion Big Wave champion, Pipeline standout and professional surfer Jamie Sterling.

Our accommodation is a luxurious five bedroom home perched right on the beach looking directly into Backdoor Pipeline and Off The Wall. Culinary delicacies include fresh local fish, traditional Hawaiian cuisine and visiting a host of the famous and little known restaurants of the island.

Some activities require basic water skills of swimming and enjoying the ocean. You don’t need to be a surfer or ironman or woman, and we won’t be putting you in harms way.


18 Jan – 25 Jan 2020




$13,500 per person

Join Tony Harrington

and experience the best

of surfing in Hawaii.

Surfing is a unique action sports to capture. Everything is dependent on mother nature, she makes the rules and we understand them.

surf photo tour in hawaii
pipeline photography tour

Never miss an

opportunity following

your expert mentor

A typical day is packed with tracking weather systems, chasing waves, shooting front lit and back lit scenarios, shooting from the beach, helicopter or in the water itself.

What to bring

  • A water housing is advisable and this can be sourced by Harro to suit your camera and lenses.
  • A longer lens is strongly advised and maybe rented.
  • A DSLR Camera with lens/lenses – Wide angle, mid range and long zoom recommended.
  • Spare batteries, there will be a long days with plenty of shooting.
  • A sturdy tripod.
  • Remote shutter release.
  • Filters if you have them (Polarizer/Graduated/Neutral Density).
  • Good walking shoes. Snowshoes will be provided.
  • Wet weather gear & a compact umbrella (rain will not hold us back).
  • Your creative brains.

What to wear

The weather in Hawaii during January ranges mornings where a light long sleeve T shirt might be required, warm 25-27 degree days to a comfortable evening where a light hooded sweatshirt and jeans are most comfortable.

What you will photograph

  • Shooting the world’s best surfers at the right times of the day to capture moments when the light and surf conditions align in key locations including Pipeline, Rocky Point, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, Hale’iwa and some you’ve never heard of.
  • Underwater shark photography with our private charter boat. Cage swimming included.
  • Capturing magnificent sunsets and the ocean in all its glory at unique locations you’d never find without our local insights
  • Swimming with and photographing turtles and dolphins
  • Swimming at secluded locations photographing empty barreling waves in shallow water.
  • Education in Hawaii’an culture and tradition and meeting local artisans
  • Photographing surfing and stand up paddle boarding from the water at sunset
  • The option to photograph surfing and whales from the air in a helicopter

Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be provided each day.

Meeting time & place

Honolulu Airport

Place secure deposit

Once you place your deposit through our secure booking platform your place will be reserved instantly. The team will then be in contact with you to provide you will all the information you will require and confirm your trip details. If you would prefer to make your booking with the team directly, please email

Tour Mentor

Tony 'Harro' Harrington

Extreme Sports Photographer

Tour Overview

Day 1 – Arrival

We will meet at Honolulu airport and head to our accommodation at Oahu.

oceanic photography

Day 2 to 6 – Oahu

These days will be spent capturing the best action in surf and surfing and getting amongst it yourself all around the island of Oahu.

The nature of surf photography will dictate much of our itinerary, we will be constantly checking and tracking weather patterns and liasing with the professionals on where they will be surfing. On our downtime out of the lineup, we will be heading out to sheltered tropical bays to capture the diverse marine life around the stunning volcanic island.

Hawaii is steeped in cultural heritage and attendees will have plenty of time immersing in the local traditions and cuisine.

Day 7 – Depart

We will head back to Honolulu airport and say our goodbyes.

surf photo tour

Included in the Extreme Sports Hawaii Photo Tour 2020 cost:

Services of 1 professional photographic tour leader, photographic tuition, and workshops (suitable for any levels or ability). Internal travel and transfers. Minimum 4-star accommodation with private bathrooms on twin share / double basis.  All meals are included (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Not included in the Extreme Sports Hawaii Photo Tour 2020 cost:

International flights, Alcohol, extra drinks, room service, laundry etc gifts, souvenirs and any extras purchased. Travel insurance – a compulsory condition of booking. Camera or other optional insurances are not included.


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How To Book

Once you place your deposit through our secure booking platform your place will be reserved instantly. The team will then be in contact with you to provide you will all the information you will require and confirm your trip details. If you would prefer to make your booking with the team directly, please email


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