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Magnificent Predators
Kamchatka Photo Tour 2020

Join Ken Duncan on this Kamchatka photo tour and get up close with the magnificent predators of Kamchatka. Experience volcanoes, hot springs, and landscapes that are completely isolated and unique.

Tour Overview

We will take you to the Kamchatka Peninsula of far Eastern Siberia to get amongst wild brown bears, lakes and volcanoes in a completely remote wilderness.

In the far east of Russia, the Kamchatka Peninsula stands on the Pacific’s ‘Rim of Fire’; volcanoes and all. Virtually untouched by human development, it represents one of the most flourishing wilderness tracts in the world, spanning an astounding 472,300km2. We will be transported by chartered helicopters such is the ruggedness of the terrain.

Stunningly rich in natural resources and punctuated with glaciers, geysers, lakes, hot springs and all things volcanic, Kamchatka is truly an ultimate goal for the photographer who craves to tread off the beaten path and explore the extraordinary and the wild.

Mesmerising close-up shots of large, brown bears are guaranteed as are dramatic landscapes and even marine life in Avacha Bay.


29th August – 4th September 2020


Kamchatka, Russia


$10,750 AUD per person

Join Ken Duncan

for this once in a

lifetime experience

Kamchatka Mongolia Photography Tour
Kamchatka Photo Tour

Don’t miss a shot

Be in the right place

at the right time

What to bring

  • A DSLR Camera with lens/lenses
  • Spare batteries, there will be a long days with plenty of shooting.
  • A sturdy tripod.
  • Remote shutter release.
  • Filters if you have them (Polarizer/Graduated/Neutral Density).
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Wet weather gear & a compact umbrella (rain will not hold us back).
  • Your creative brains.

What to wear

The weather could change very quickly, we recommend some warm clothing but as always in these places layers are best.

  • Comfortable warm clothing
  • Layering your clothing is best. Temperature can quickly change
  • Good supportive boots. Warm and waterproof would be best

What you will photograph

  • Wild Bears
  • Volcanoes
  • Glaciers, Geysers, Lakes, Hot Springs
  • Remote Landscapes

Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be
provided each day.

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Tour Mentor

Ken Duncan

Landscape Photographer

Kamchatka Tour Overview

Day 1 – Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky, Siberia, Russia

We arrive at Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky, capital of the Siberian peninsular of Kamchatsky, the famed land of bears and volcanoes.

A short drive will take us to the nearby hot springs village of Paratunka, and our hotel. Time for orientation and preparation for the adventure that lies ahead. Bathe in your hotel’s geothermal pools if you like prior to our welcome dinner.

Day 2 – Paratunka – Lake Kurilskoye

Our chartered helicopter takes us south to the remote, yet beautiful Lake Kurilskoye, home of 2 million spawning red salmon and the approximately 200 wild brown bears that turn up on the lake’s edge to hunt them.

On the way, our M18 helicopter will land for a while at Ksudach Volcano, weather permitting. Ksudach contains two lakes in its caldera. We will make an excursion to the crater lake of Schtubelya or visit hot springs that create a “hot beach” on the lake’s shore. We then continue our flight to Kamchatka’s famed Kurilskoye Lake and our accommodation in a small cozy wooden lodge on Grassy Point. A “wrap around” deck affords a gorgeous view of Kurilskoye Lake and surrounding mountains. It is often possible to watch bears fishing along the lakeshore without even leaving the the lodge. After orientation, we can wander along the lake’s pumice rock beach.

Our lodge is well-placed to access the bear habitats with ease and safety. The next two days will focus on getting close to bears by foot, by boat and always with armed escorts ensuring our wellbeing. They are a reminder that we really are in a wild frontier and intimately close nature in its raw and savage beauty. The backdrop of the lake, islands and distant volcanoes adds to the spectacle.

Photography Tour - Day 2

Day 3 – Lake Kurilskoye – Bear sighting

View Kamchatka brown bears, Stellar sea eagles, salmon spawning places. Take motor boat excursion and walking excursions with local wardens to a nearby bear view platform (800 meters from the lodge) that is located at the mouth of the many rivers that run into Kurilskoye Lake.

Here you’ll have a good chance of taking great close-up shots of bears fishing for migrating salmon. The salmon pause briefly in the lake and then make their way from the lake into the streams where they spawn.

We can then take longer walking excursions to a large meadow where bears feed on wild berries and visit other spawning streams further from the lodge.

Photography Tour - Day 3

Day 4 – Lake Kurilskoye – Bear sighting

Another day of exploration, wild-life and landscape photography, supported by local guides and your Fotoworkshops mentors.

Photography Tour - Day 4

Day 5 – Lake Kurilskoye – Paratunka

More opportunities for bear and landscape photography and then another helicopter flight to the Khodutka River for an optional bath in Kamchatka’s largest natural hot spring. After a bit of bliss we take the helicopter on to the plateau of the Mutnovsky Volcano and arrive at the caldera. This saves a lot of walking laden with gear and allows maximum time for photography. Rather than camping overnight in tents, our helicopter will whisk us away to a warm and very comfortable lodge.

An afternoon helicopter MI-8 flight will stop for us to bathe in the thermal hot water of the Khodutka River. This is the largest hot springs complex in Kamchatka. The water bubbles out on a section of tundra located just under the Khodutka Volcano
and forms a small stream. Farther from the source the water slowly cools and you can choose the location where the temperature is right for you to take a swim. 

Our helicopter then returns us to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky and the comfort of our hotel in Paratunks

Top 5 Photography Spots in Kamchatka

Day 6 – Avacha Bay 

For a change of scenery and photographic opportunities, we explore Avacha Bay for six hours by boat. This allows for photographs with the imposing Koryaksky and Avacha Volcanoes towering behind the city and harbour. Avacha erupted as recently as 1991 when people living in Petropavlovsk could watch the red stream of lava coming down the slope towards the city, while hot ash was shooting into the skies above the summit crater.

Avacha Bay is geographically as perfect a bay as a city could hope for. It is large and deep, with a narrow opening which keeps out foul weather and ice. The harbor is well protected from the dreaded tsunami waves that are created by earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. The boat heads toward the mouth of the bay where we will see the Three Brothers, tall finger-like sea stacks, whose rock faces rise vertically out of the water.

The cliffs around the bay house many colonies of seabirds and puffins are commonly seen. There are good opportunities to sight and photograph killer whales (Orcas), sea otters, pelagic birds and other wildlife. A hot lunch is served on board.

Photography Tour - Day 6

Included in Kamchatka Photo Tour 2020 cost:

All accommodation on a twin-share basis. Except at Lake Kurile Grassy Point Lodge, this is a dormitory style sharing situation with two large rooms.
Best possible transport, including M18 helicopters (Kamchatka)
All meals.
English-speaking guides.
Services of two expert Fotoworkshops mentors

Note: Due to the extreme and remote nature of our destinations, weather and other factors may require changes to the itinerary and disruption of some services such as helicopter transport.

Not included in Kamchatka Photo Tour 2020 cost.

International flights to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky.
Items of a personal nature e.g. alcoholic drinks, phone calls, laundry, souvenirs etc
Personal travel insurance which is compulsory.

*Tour itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of Fotoworkshops. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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