Matt Horspool

Photography tour mentor

Matt Horspool

Landscape Photographer

Matt is an Olympus Ambassador and award-winning travel and adventure photographer who often juggles his time as a special needs teacher in Sydney. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise to those around him in a fun and intuitive way. He is also a firm believer that anyone can master a new skill; they just need the right mentor.

Growing up in rural NSW as a South Korean adoptee, Matt quickly yearned for mountains and deep-sea adventures. So, like many young Australians, he set off on a one-way ticket around the world and to date, has sampled over 45 of its most stunning locations.

Matt’s work focuses on documenting the world’s far-flung landscapes, cultures and celebrations in a manner that conveys the true spirit of the location. He is an avid trekker, freediver and outdoorsman that prefers to immerse himself within local traditions than follow the main tourist trail.

Matt is looking forward to sharing new experiences with anyone participating in future workshops and loves nothing more than trading tales of travel.

Join Matt on one of his upcoming tours

Colours of India 2020

India is evocative of many images and colour seems to be a common element. Never is this more true than during the annual Spring festivities marking Holi.



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