Fotoworkshops was created to provide photographic enthusiasts access to a wealth of resources that can greatly assist in the development of photographic skills at any level.


In house travel agent

Discover the latest addition to Fotoworkshops: Exclusive in-house travel agent services for seamless, unforgettable photography journeys. Join us!


Book your airfares direct with us and ensure you arrive and depart at the best possible times.


Diverse Destinations

We can help add extra trips beyond the scope of our normal photographic tours.


Pre & Post Accomodation

Arrive early or stay longer all done directly through us.


Fast Booking

Charlotte has 20+ years experience in the travel industry ensuring your bookings are done securely and quickly.


Travel Agent

Elevate your photography adventures with our exciting new offering: In-house travel agent services integrated into our immersive workshops. Now, not only can you capture stunning images, but you can also plan and execute extraordinary journeys effortlessly.  Join us to combine your love for photography with hassle-free travel, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Charlotte Piper

As a seasoned travel agent, I take pride in my professional expertise. With years of experience, in-depth destination knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail, I create unforgettable journeys for my clients.


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